Saturday, January 14, 2006

Let's start things off

Thought I'd try something new for my gallery and ad a blog and see how it works out. See if it would help draw more attention to the site. More will be on the way.


  1. welcome to the world of blogging <3

  2. Thanks. Now if I could figure out why I my photo image can't be accepted.

  3. I see several possibilties.

    1). Your ex runs the website and hates you (will be posting embarasing baby pic instead)
    2). Your pic was considdered "furry porn" and regected due to ToS issues.
    3). You're ugly and you broke thier viewers.
    4). You have to pay $15 per viewing of your pic and your bank told them where to stick that charge.
    5). The system just doesn't like you.
    6). You don't know how to use the system.
    7). Your pic has been sent to the review board for further examination (and being ogled over by all the female execs), and will be released to you when you date one of them.
    8). Your pic WAS going to be sent to the review board, but was intercepted by the fat lady in the mail room, who will knock on your door and squish you.

  4. No. It has something to do with the server my site is on.