Thursday, October 09, 2008


I was fortunate enough last week to get a beta key for LittleBigPlanet so that I could try it out before it is released. I am truly amazed at how brilliant this is. Aside from the cute and quirky story levels that were available in the beta, the levels made by actual players were something to behold. Don't get me wrong, some were downright boring and even crappy. There were, however, some good ones that were fun, hard, hilarious, and even amazing. For instance, someone made a calcuator in the game. It looked so complicated, but it actually worked.

The game features a lot of tools for the creation mode that can be used in numerous ways. So it won't be overwhelmingly complicated, most of them have tutorials while others have videos that explain how they are used. For me, it felt more like trial and error, but when I got things working, I felt pleased. I did manage to take some pictures of my own level in the creation mode.

As you swing across the electrified floor, the camera I mounted overhead will have you view this portion of the level by a slight overhead angle.

Since the material that that wall is made out of is lightweight and grabbable, you can latch onto it when you jump into it and ride it down. Then, you can reach that lift.

Flip the switch and ride the lift to the top of the castle wall. I added a respawn point in case of accidental death. Unlike most other games, things don't reset themselves when you die. It's best to put those wherever would be most convenient so players don't get stuck.

I painted up my Sackboy's face, too.

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